The Symphony

Aptly named the Symphony pulls inspiration from the curvature of musical notes, and the sinusoidal wavelength of sound. WIth a naturalistic focus this fully wooden bench provides serenity and aesthetic value to any public works project, university, or public park. 

Explore our offerings below with both a backless and backed version of the Symphony avilable to add versatility and usability to the collection.

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The Itero collection works in Tandem with the Eurema collection as an addition to the Streetforms urban seating product lineup. Utilizing a similar modern silhouette with a textured surface to provide additional aesthetic value. 

The bridge versions of the Itero juxtapose the regular profile and elevate the piece as a whole enabling the placement of an Itero bench without obstructing the environment around it if desired.

Architectural Seating

With the goal of furthering the architectural industry Streetforms continues to diversify with a new material. The Symphony benches are primarily constructed using locally sourced grapa wood giving the collection a rustic yet modern appeal with the unique radiuses and curvatures present in the design philosophy.  


The levitate collection give the appearance of being suspended  in its environment, as f it’s not bound by the weight of the world.  It’s an invitation to experience a moment of suspension in busy public places.