Urban Street Furnishings

California Based Design-Build Collaborative for Modern Environments. 

Urban furnishings hand crafted in the USA from eco-friendly high performance materials. Designed to enrich public spaces and provide aesthetic value to communities.

Design Collaborative for Modern Environments

Streetforms prides itself on its unique style of products that bring a truly nuanced view to the industry. To find out more about us follow any of the links on this page and get in touch with us to bring your dream project into reality. 

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The Levitate Collection

Utilizing a straight forward design with a hidden base the Levitate Collection provides a conventional seating experience with a flair. The simple yet elegant profile of the Levitate Bench lends aesthetic versatility as well as practical utility for any public setting. The Levitate collection is manufactured with sustainability in mind so we can all do our part to be environmentally responsible. Bring this architectural collection into the fold to elevate your environment. 

The Perfect Swell 

The Swell Collection takes inspiration from the natural swell of a wave about to crest. The smooth profile provides a comfortable seat and an appealing aesthetic. The versatility of the Swell Bench allows it to accommodate a variety of public spaces and situations. Modularity is another point of this collection, the swell bench can be mixed and matched to fit any setting.

A Classic Look Reimaged

The Marwood Collection takes the classic wooden park bench and brings it into the modern era. The Marwood Collection takes advantage of modern high performance materials to deliver a sleek design that will enrich the local community. With landscape architecture in mind the Marwood Collection brings competitive durability and aesthetic utility to the street furnishings marketplace.

A Unique Take On Public Spaces

The Lono Collection features a combination of minimalism and post-modernist design principles. Showcasing unique profiles for outdoor seating that have promote a comfortable and eco-friendly landscape. The center-piece of the collection the “Lono Chair” sports a sustainably sourced wooden backrest that compliments it’s concrete base and provides a comfortable seat for a public environment. 

Ibis Collection

Let your ideas take flight with the Ibis Collection. Inspired by the elegance of the Australian White Ibis this collection features swooping curves and natural themes. The Ibis collection has a versatile lineup of architectural amenities designed with a cohesive aesthetic with public architectural projects in mind.