The White Ibis

The white ibis is a wetland species of bird with a long reddish-orange beak and distinct sky blue eyes. Legend says that it is the last creature to depart from its home when a hurricane moves in and the first to return once it has past.  The ibis collection is inspired by this legendary resilient nature and graceful beauty.  It is incredibly durable and adds an organic aesthetic to the surrounding area.

Modular Seating

The Swell Bench offers aesthetic versatility as a standalone bench or as an modular installment of multiple benches. The modality of the Swell Collection contributes to it’s environment as a focal point for pedestrian traffic as well as a comfortable place to relax. Interested in the Swell Collection? Fill out the form below to get in touch!

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The Swell Bench is designed with modularity in mind, there are many ways to arrange the Swell Benches to compliment a public space. Browse through some of our sample configurations for the Swell Bench using the gallery on the right to get inspired. Or download the pdf below to review all of the sample configurations.

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